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This EP has been meticulously cooked to remind you that nothing is more important that your family and you’re loved ones.

It’s hard to find the right person that will really love you for the soul that you are and for what you reflect in the reality. Having a child with this super special person is the beginning of an adventure that will continue forever.

The fusion between two humans with the intention of giving the chance of a new spirit to visit this planet is very powerful. It’s also dangerous at the same time. The DNA mix creates something new every time.

Some wants to see a mirror of themselves, others want to see a copy of the loved one… But, most of the time, the mix creates a better version of both combined with the love that could learn you more than you have ever imagined.

And then, you feel it in your heart, in you’re veins, in you’re bones. It’s called: Family Connectionz.


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