Dj Thompson

Now part of Metabolizm Records



Originally from Montreal, Thompson is quickly drawn to the best underground venues of the city such as Newspeak as well as the legendary (((Stereo))). Right from the beginning, the heavy baselines and the backbeats played by snares or claps as well as hi-hats and synths found in techno tracks get his attention.

His new passion leads him to talented producers like Alberto Ruiz, Spartaque, Skober and Pig&Dan all known for their high energy and hard techno signature. While Thompson is still learning the ropes of Djing his creativity allows him to develop his own musical signature.

Early in 2017, a long journey to Europe will expose him to various talented artists in prestigious Sisyphos in Berlin that will influence his sound again. Trippy melodies and Arabic sounds added to some massive bass got his attention.

Back to Montreal, Thompson has much more mature and confidence. This Dj will surprise you with his own creative style. He can create his own techno/psytrance style that is absolutely mind-blowing and fires up the dance floors every single time he is on the decks.

He also regularly perform B2B with DJ Gerv the Ghost. They form an incredible team when they join forces!







Dj U4RiX

Now part of Metabolizm Records

U4RiX (DJ/Producer) was introduced to the Rave scene in 1997. It all started when a friend gave him Astral Projection CD "Another World".

Then, they invited him to a rave with various styles: Goa, Psy, Trance, Hard Trance, DnB and more! With the passion for music with quality sounds, he got hooked!!!

As the years went by, after drifting thru all underground electronic music, he acquired some gear, then started mixing and producing his own music.


Free online psytrance mixes:







Dj Gerv The Ghost

Now part of Metabolizm Records


Jean-François Gervais was born in Laval, Quebec, Canada in 1978. He grew up in St-Eustache in a family that had great values including sports and music. He soon discovered the Beatles when he was young and then in 1996, he participated in his first rave party. This experience has changed his life since.

This first rave was named Enigma Return and it's there that he took conscience of the existence of the underground scene and culture.

Very rapidly, he started to have a big interest for the DJs already active in the scene around MTL. He bought his first turn tables and vinyls in 2002...

He built his style based on the influence of Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Dave Clarke, and more..

He then participated to many events has a DJ and/or as an event coordinator.

In 2014 he signed a contract to play on an Internet radio show on for 68 consecutive Saturday sessions. They named it: "The Ghost Show"

He also did 10 performances on Radio Akurox.

Nothing stopping him, he founded "FunnyHouse production"... An electronic event production enterprise.

More recently, he started to spin at Circus Afterhours under Undr Groov logo. Spinning techno for sure...

He also spinned at Freelife psytrance music festival and also at Sunday32 events.

We are very honnored to have Mr. Gervais on our team to spin some awesome musik to make you dance like you've never danced!