Now part of Metabolizm Records

Originally from Varna Bulgaria, arrived in Quebec in 2006. Since 2010 he’s got is own company : production univers of audiovisual,sound system,lightning and events managements. He’s made a lot of featuring feat : Djane Candellitta, Seven Ways, Wavelenght, Miss DJ Licious miss Shelton and more... thoses artists inspired him a lot during his professionnal career.

He’s also got a hand from his mentor and private teacher Fallen one who’s give him advices and tricks during the last few years. since 2020 He’s been partner with the DJ Star V.Rock one of his best who’s now company director.

NZN mixed main psytrance and his versatility his known in several styles as house and minimal



DJ VRock

Now part of Metabolizm Records

Native from Quebec City: music was always a big part of her life…

V.Rock started with guitar classes. A couple years later; singing lessons.
From 2011 to 2015, she performed on stage several times... At this moment, she understood that she was simply addicted to the feeling.
It was in 2016 that her interest for electronic music has begun. In 2018, one of his friend introduced her to the studio sessions in the heart of the city in warehouse underground. A new concept in Quebec City to motivate the producers/ Electronic music DJs  to practice.
In 2019, she participated to many events .She also spinned at Freelife music festival and woodland music festival.
Her energy and charisma pushed her to perfect her technics to mix Psytrance music at its best...
For sure: she will always appreciate techno, melodic house, minimal deep-tech and deep house because it was the roots that lead her to discover psytrance.
On November 29, 2019,  she will start her own radio shows once a month .
Proud to represent Metabolizm Records
Dj Resident : Synergia