Dj Moog

Now part of Metabolizm Records!

It all started on a Thursday in 1994…

I was at the the Clichy Paris (the acid rendez-vous). The event was taking place each Thursdays and it was organized by Fabrice Rackham; one of the pioneers of rave party (Gaia concept) in France.

It was a little bit before the trance Goa vibe was discovered in France… The style was Trancecore minimalist in the late 1994 and early 1995, then the Goa trance builded some momentum in the tray (vinyl) (techno-import).

At this time of my life, it was obvious for me (an enlightenment) to make people dance and to make them returned to trance! That's how my DJ experience (MOOG) started (not always easy at the beginning: hours and the hours of training)

At the end of 1995 beginning 1996, with some close friends of mine, we decided to organize a Goa trance party named “Universal party” and another one called “Psychedelic Concept” in 1998.

And then, I took a break for 2 years without mixing in 2000. I had to think a little about the direction I was heading to…

A new project came to me: I went to Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao (Thailand) where I had the great opportunity to mix in several full moon parties!

Since then, I continue from time to time mixed in small friendly parties in Haute-Savoie France and Thailand also...

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