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This track has been created by Kristiam and Alien Pilot:

KrisTiaM aka Christian Massé is a DJ/Producer from Montreal Canada.

Well know for his godly Dj performance KrisTiaM recently started to produce his own sounds. His production skills grow up very quickly! In his first producer year he has already released 2 tracks with very good PsyTrance Label in North America!

Sculpted Sounds - Kick Ass and Bubblegum

Metabolizm Records - Mind Lost (Out Soon)

Next Gigs

12-07-2019 @ Alweezgrooven Festival 2019

31-08-2019 @ TimeLess Festival 2019 (Live)

Ian McKee a.k.a ALIEN PILOT was born in 1990 in Windsor, Canada.
His love for music came at an early age. Little did he know several years later he would begin chasing his dreams in music.

After 4 years of learning how to produce & Dj the Alien Pilot project was created in 2017. Establishing a name for him self in the Toronto,Canada scene he has played alongside, opening & closing for some of the most iconic artists in the industry, DJ Chicago of 1200 Micrograms, Liquid Soul, Symbolic, Egorythmia, Bizzare Contact, Timelock & Pollyfonika to name a handful.

He released his first single in April of 2019 with his home label Paleo Records. Working very hard in the studio, Alien Pilot strives to reach higher dimensions evolving his sound. He has played all over Ontario, Canada and will be playing the Timeless Festival in Quebec, Canada in August 2019.

Be on the look out for many more upcoming releases in 2019 from Alien Pilot.