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Musik: Michael Kenneth Malick (California) //

Mastering: Rigel Vasili (Greece) //

Artwork: Braulio Carmona (Mexico)  //

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Taken from inspiration that needs to be found within, Remember yourself starts off strong and solid leading you into a non-stop barrage of electric sound.

The end piece breaks off into Michael's signature pads taking you on an emotional journey into Yourself. Full On and Melodic this track was made with passion for uplifting Pystrance.




Michael Malick, Born in California, discovered Electronic Music at the early age of 13. He instantly fell in love with Goa & Psytrance upon discovering compilation cd's while browsing the net. Already with a year of Rebirth software experience & experimenting with Trance music he quickly discovered Cubase and the journey to making his own style began. Learning how to dj on vinyl he developed an ear for mixing.

Through the years his sound developed into something that he felt was good enough for the dancefloor. Always with a burning passion for this music he fell into the Cali Psy scene & got several bookings from Psytribe & Various other events like legendary underground Mojave & Mt. Shasta parties.

His main passion is to create music with high vibes full-on and melodic. The nostalgia of the early days of morning style drive his sound. With hints of dark & harder edge, Goa flavor & Melodic, his sound varies on each track he creates. It's been his lifelong dream to share his music with the global Psy scene. We are happy it has arrived.