Eray Cansev aka Sonosphere

Now part of Metabolizm Records




Eray Cansev is an electronic composer and music producer from Switzerland. He often records electronica and trance music under the pseudonym Sonosphere. Cansev’s parents migrated to Switzerland from Turkey, which impacted the course of his life greatly and led to many obstacles as a youth that were mainly due to cultural differences.


Cansev began creating music in 2008 and learned to translate many of the childhood pressures he faced into a model for fusing opposing musical elements into the same composition. As a self-prescribed remedy for the bouts of depression that he would often encounter, Cansev used his ability to create music as a means of salvation and focused more sharply on being a producer. In 2018, he studied the art of music production with Ralph Knobloch aka Braincell of Nano Records.


After experiencing another spat with depression, Cansev immersed himself into composing music. His efforts resulted in the release of his debut album Spheres of Light. This musical project captures both inspiring ambient soundscapes and bright psychedelic grooves. Cansev seeks to bring his audience into the most positive state of being possible through music. Truly, the skies the limit for this emerging composer.